The following syllabi have been published to help you make informed decisions during subject selection. If you are considering taking an AP course, review the provided syllabus for that course to gain an idea of the course expectations, pacing, and workload. Keep in mind these syllabi are subject to change from year to year. Do not make enrollment decisions based on the faculty currently teaching the course as this may also change from year to year.


  • Pre-IB/AP English Language covers the AP curriculum and prepares students for the skills necessary to conduct independent, self-directed research and writing. The latter skills are required for the Extended Essay in the IB Diploma Program during Junior & Senior year.
  • IB/AP English Literature covers the AP curriculum as well as year 1 of English A Literature HL.
  • IB/AP United States History covers the AP curriculum as well as year 1 (History of the Americas) of History HL.


Studio Art: 2-D Design

Environmental Science

Spanish Literature & Culture

Studio Art: Drawing

European History



French Language & Culture

United States Government & Politics

Calculus AB

German Language & Culture

United States History

Calculus BC

Human Geography

United States History (IB Only)



World History

English Language

Music Theory


English Language (Pre-IB Only)

Physics 1


English Literature



English Literature (IB Only)

Spanish Language & Culture