Parents, students, employees, and community members who wish to volunteer at a school, regional, or District office MUST register online, as follows:

  • Parents and community members must create portal account.
  • Parents log into the Parent Portal, community members log into the Community Portal.
  • M-DCPS students log into the Student Portal.
  • M-DCPS employees log into the Employee Portal.
  • All other volunteers/community members log into the Community Portal. After portal login, follow these steps:
    1. Click the APPS/SERVICES/SITES tab at the top.
    2. Click on the Be a School Volunteer! link.
    3. Choose your school(s) and activity(ies) in which you wish to volunteer.
    4. Go to your selected school/location and show your identification for final approval.
    5. Additional information about volunteer registration can be found at!svp/school-vol.asp.

      Our School Location is: 7101-CORAL REEF SENIOR HIGH

      Please follow the instructions carefully. 
      Ensure that you are selecting to become a Level 1 volunteer if you DO NOT intend on 
      ever chaperoning overnight trips. Otherwise, select a Level 2 volunteer (requires fingerprinting).

      The Volunteer Liaison at Coral Reef is:
      Ms. Margie Mahnke