Scrub Squad is the student governing body for the Medical Academy which creating learning, community service and fellowship opportunities for the students. The student leaders actively solicit ides from all of the students and plan and implement these ideas. For the 2015-2016 school year, Scrub Squad is planning an academy picnic and trip, community events, Blood Drives, Community service opportunities as well as helping with HOSA events . In addition, the students are implementing a community service project to send items  for groups in need, involvement in Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer event, and other opportunities for the students to get involved in school and to volunteer in our community.  Scrub Squad officers also mentor and encourage the students to succeed in their HOSA competitions.

2015-2016 Medical Academy Student Leaders/Scrub Squad
Carlos Talledo
Nicole Martinez
Ericka Horback
Vickie Fernandez
Jamie Padin
Anet Crespo
Daniel Crair
Jacob Covas
Madison Stricker