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Students in the Agriscience strand will explore the field of Agricultural Biotechnology while learning about areas of current agricultural biotechnology applications, genetic principles, tissue/cell culture, and the potential for biotechnology in the field of agriculture. Research partnerships with the United States Department of Agriculture will enable students to participate in summer internships and conduct research on rare and native tropical plant and animal species impacting the industry. Students will explore additional processes to harness renewable energy, more efficient and effective methods utilizing existing resources, and ways to reform the global hunger crisis. Through their participation in the National FFA Organization, students will have opportunities to develop their leadership and professional development skills.


Students in Engineering Technology will apply mathematical, scientific and engineering concepts to find solutions to many design problems. They explore various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, structural, industrial, electrical, electronics, robotics and aerospace with hands on activities and projects. Students will participate in activities such as basic sketching, computer designing, building, testing, and analyzing models and prototypes. Students will learn and have the opportunity to become certified in Computer Aided Drafting and Design using Autodesk Design software to increase their technological literacy. This program provides students with an advanced understanding of the knowledge, human relations, and technological skills found in today’s engineering professions. Students will be able to participate in the National TSA and SECME organizations.


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Welcome to Ag. and Engineering


Agricultural Education is the teaching of agriculture, natural resources, and land management through hands on experience and guidance to prepare students for entry level jobs to further education to prepare them for advanced agricultural jobs.

Engineering education is the activity of teaching knowledge and principles related to the professional practice of engineering. It includes the initial education for becoming an engineer and any advanced education and specializations that follow.